Challenge Lab
Challenge Lab

.... More than a classic incubation, a creative, entrepreneurial and participative residence!

The Challenge Lab is a support program, lasting approximately 60 hours, open to all project leaders wishing to be actors in the transition of our societies and to respond to local and global challenges, particularly in the areas of health, education or the development of sustainable cities.

So that tomorrow's schools, universities, hospitals and cities become creative, innovative, sustainable and learning environments.

General description of the program

A true catalyst for innovative practices, this program aims to be transformative "inside-out" to help you develop your positive impact project through a learning experience designed as an exploration of self, others and the planet.

This exploratory residency is broken down into 3 phases with the final objective of presenting your societal transition project with co-constructed impact criterias to a jury composed of the educational team and external speakers chosen with you.


To help you adopt the posture of a creator/researcher/entrepreneur, you will have a laboratory notebook that will allow you to write down your discoveries, your questions, and your path from the definition of the problem to the solution that you wish to develop (your project).

To guide you throughout this exploration, you will alternate between times of individual reflection, times of reflection with your mentor, and times of collective reflection to encourage exchanges, feedback, and increase the collective intelligence.

Come and join a creative, enterprising and participative community!

Submit your application

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Schedule, Course and Certification

  • Application deadline: January 20 to February 10, 2022
  • Candidate interviews and feedback: February 10 to February 20, 2022
  • Start of the program: first week of March
  • End of program: June 2022

This program offers hybrid modalities: distance and face-to-face depending on the workshops.

This is a non-degree program. You will receive a certificate of participation from Learning Planet Institute at the end of the program if you have participated in more than 80% of the workshops.

The Challenge Lab is a program of the Challenge Institute, co-founded by the Learning Planet Institute and the University of Paris.

To apply, click here and if you have any questions, click here!

The entire educational team is looking forward to meeting you!


to deploy new resources and take a fresh look at one's project thanks to the power of creativity The Institute of Challenges relies on LPI's expertise in pedagogical and social innovation to design a lifelong training programme that supports entrepreneurs of an inclusive, learning and sustainable society.


to question oneself, one's project and one's reasons for acting thanks to the tools and methods of personal development

Design tools

design thinking, experience design, transition design... And discover all the "resources" at our disposal

Community of Practice

Putting collective intelligence at the service of projects by using the tools of the researcher: peer review, participatory science, research methodology by challenge...

Challenge Lab Projects

Towards meaningful employment

Identify and realise what the Japanese concept of IkigaÏ describes as the mission of life.

Towards meaningful employement is a scheme that supports graduating students to find quality employment that is relevant to their personal development goals. Combining guided digital exercises and peer support, the programme provides students with a space to reflect on what they want to do with their lives and gives them access to the tools they need to design a potential career and life trajectory that resonates with their definition of success and well-being.

Can we produce bioplastics "from air" using the power of synthetic biology?
Growing mycelium-based material into food packaging
Can mycelium-based composites substitute polystyrene in takeaway food packaging?
Phytophthora cinnamomi LAMP detection
Detect Phytophthora cinnamomi in natural samples, in a easy and fast way, from lowcost material.
SDGs Semester
SDGs Semester


Training programme for solving sustainability issues

The notion of sustainability is naturally at the heart of the concerns of the younger generation. This objective is increasingly becoming an integral part of the strategy of companies and institutions. We are convinced that it is essential to make students aware of these issues and to train them as early as possible so that they can become conscious, positive and enlightened actors in the future, capable of meeting the local and global challenges they will have to face.

In a first version of this semester, we propose to students from bachelor's degrees in life sciences or equivalent, to pool their disciplinary knowledge and skills to collectively solve research or engineering problems related to the challenges of the Anthropocene.

Projet Semestrer SDG " Mycelium based material"

Projet semestre SDG "agir contre la maladie de l'encre"

Pedagogical innovation

Programmes to structure and animate the community of voluntary actors in the university